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Whether you are looking to obtain a small or large vehicle for your business, earthmoving , farm equipment or other plant & machinery Link Lending can help you to obtain finance for that piece of equipment that your business or organisation needs. With an array of different products available, Link Lending can help you determine exactly which product to use, helping you further your business without disrupting your cash flow. Below are only some of the different options that are available, for more information on products or structures give our commercial lending team a call today.

This is the most common form of Equipment Finance for either GST registered businesses or companies. A Chattel Mortgage is a commercial finance product, it is only available if the equipment to be purchased will be used predominantly for business purposes only. The terms of a chattel mortgage require the lender to advance money to the customer to buy the equipment. After doing so, the lender places a mortgage on the equipment, called a chattel in legal terminology, as security. The customer is awarded the title on the equipment once he pays off the mortgage. The customer can make a cash deposit or trade-in old equipment to initiate the agreement.

Chattel Mortgages enable the borrower to ultimately own their equipment. These facilities often suit cash flow needs, as a mix of payments is offered with GST input credits still available even though the asset has not been fully paid for. Terms range from 1 to 5 years with a fixed interest payment and a modest establishment fee at the beginning, with no ongoing charges throughout the term.

Whether it’s a standard finance lease, operating or novated our finance specialist can arrange the perfect package for you.

Finance lease is an agreement between a financial lender (lessor) and yourself (lessee) where the lessor purchases a vehicle for you and for you to use for the duration of the loan and in return you must make regular payments. Lease agreements are usually used by private companies who wish to acquire an asset at the end of the lease by offering to pay the pre-determined ‘residual value’. Terms, residuals and rental frequency can be structured to suit your specific cash flow requirements, or to maximize tax benefits during the lease period. At the end of the car loan you are able to pay the residual amount and take ownership of the car. The benefit of this car finance means flexibility in the contract terms, residual amount and repayment schedule. This type of leasing may include the following benefits fixed interest rates, tax breaks and GST benefits.

A Novated Lease is a three way agreement between: The finance provider, an employer and an employee.

How does a Novated Lease work?
Under a Novated Lease, the employer pays the monthly car lease rentals on behalf of the employee, and provides the vehicle for the employee to use as part of their salary packaging arrangement. If employment ceases for any reason, or the Novated Lease contract is finalised, the Novation ceases and any obligations by the employer revert back to the employee.


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